VR already crashing??


Well, I somewhat discussed my predictions for VR in a recent post, but it looks like things are happening faster than I thought. The Playstation VR, VRs one hope for redemption, is already having trouble.

Analyst SuperData predicted Sony would sell over two million units of it’s PSVR, but they’ve already adjusted those to less than half of their original. It seems consumers aren’t ready to shell out the big bucks for mostly tech demos and virtual TV screens. With this said, there may very well be hope yet. Their predictions for both Oculus Rift, Gear VR and the Vive have remained the same. So while the numbers aren’t looking that great, it does seem there is hope yet.


Upon further investigation, it seems SuperData has given a reason for the missed numbers. They seem to believe it’s due to Sony’s lack of advertisement for the headset, as well as “fragmented title line-up.” Of course, I called the title line-up issue already, but that probably won’t be looking much better any time soon (I so hope I’m wrong here). In my opinion, Sony is simply focusing more on it’s Pro version of the Playstation 4 instead. This may be a smart move for Sony, but it’s not the best for PSVR developers hoping to jump on the VR bandwagon.

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