Resident Evil 7 Demo – Rip-off?

So I recently finished playing the new Resident Evil 7 demo, and all I can say is:

Silent Hill??


Because holy shit does Resident Evil 7’s demo remind me, and I’m sure many of you, of the Silent Hill P.T. demo that ultimately got canned, thanks to an apparent feud between Konami and Kojima; but I digress. Simply put, Resident Evil 7’s new Demo Beginning Hour has nearly everything the P.T demo had: from tight corridors to eerie jump-scares that get me every damn time.

I guess the question is whether that’s really a bad thing. The Silent Hill P.T. demo was unparalleled in popularity (as far as demos go), and for good reason. Nearly photo realistic graphics, coupled with intensely creepy sound, made for an experience sure to scare, well, everyone. It’s why I was shocked when Konami announced they’d be canceling the game.


But it’s nothing like the game

Typically, demos are just that: a demo to show you what the upcoming game will be like. This, just like P.T. (probably even more-so here), will be nothing like the actual full game that’s going to be shipping. Yeah, it’s fun and all, but it doesn’t give us even a single clue as to what the game will be like. Even the damn character won’t be the same! I guess we can chalk it up to a fun experience at best and an aggravating gotcha of what could have been at worse.

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