Nintendo Switch Should Replace the 3DS

Okay, so the Nintendo Switch announcement is over, and we’re finally able to stop and really wrap our head around what we have in front of us. The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s newest console offering set to release in March. I must admit that I’m extremely happy with what’s been presented. I will say I’m a little perplexed in the push for physical media again, but I know many are happy about that. That isn’t really what I’m here to talk about, though. It’s Nintendo’s constant push that it is not, and I repeat, not, a replacement for the 3DS.

Here’s the thing. I’m fine with that. I fully understand they don’t want to overshadow their other offerings and ensure the developers of the 3DS won’t be completely left in the dust. My issue lies in them taking it a step further by saying there will be a successor to the 3DS. That is incredibly stupid. Period. I know they like the idea of having two consoles, but if you want to have this new tech looked as both a portable devices AND a home console, saying this is extremely confusing to consumers.

You simply can’t hail the Switch as a hybrid, then turn around and tell everyone it’s mostly a home console, which is what you’re doing. As the adage goes: “you can’t have your cake and eat it too.” All you’re doing is undermining your own console! How do you not see that? If your new console can do both, and it supposedly can, there is zero reason to also have a second handheld that’s less powerful.

You chose to go this route. Don’t confuse the hell out of your consumers by backtracking. Really, I think what Nintendo is doing with the Switch is awesome, but they’re going to completely bite themselves if they continue this approach. Besides, a single console to focus on could end up allowing for double the games, double the support, and maybe even, double the sales. Plus, with the new controllers, you can add movement based games.

So the question really is: do you really believe in the Switch? Do you really think it can be portable? If not, then fine. Consumers will realize it’s just another Nintendo home console that’s underpowered and nothing different. But if it truly is capable of what you’re touting, then get rid of your other offerings and market it as the ultimate gaming system. I have no doubt their marketing team would love that. 

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