Call of Duty In Trouble?

What is up my fellow geeks and welcome to another Geek Tripp. Today, it seems the fabled Call of Duty franchise is reaching a boiling point. Maybe annual releases weren’t the best idea for a video game (other than sport-related roster updates)? Maybe it has nothing to do with the downturn. Either way, one thing is for certain: Activision’s beloved franchise has lost a lot of steam. Literally, I mean look at the Steam numbers:

COD infinite warfare in trouble

That’s over four times the difference in top player count from Black Ops III to Infinite Warfare! That’s bad. So what’s going on? Is it over for Activision? Will Battlefield become the only popular war shooter on the block? Well, let’s talk about it.


Before we discuss the future, we have to know what exactly is going on now. To do that, I believe it’s best to start with the community.

call of duty infinite warfare reviews

Holy SHIT that’s a lot of down-votes! Well, looking at the comments, as most people do with badly down-voted videos, it becomes pretty easy to see why: Battlefield 1. Some seem to think it’s just a few “band wagoners,” but the numbers tell a much different story. Let’s just say, If Activision is having a bad month, EA is in the stars. Battlefield 1’s first week was almost DOUBLE that of it’s very successful Battlefield 4 release. Why the sudden change, though? Both Battlefield and Call of Duty have stayed true to their perspective play styles. Well, there’s really a simple answer to that as well: SETTING.

If Activision is having a bad month, EA is in the stars.

This is the sixth game in a row that Call of Duty has pushed for the future. People want variety, and when they aren’t getting it with their new re-skin of COD, they’ll find it elsewhere. Let’s not forget that Call of Duty began as a WWII shooter. Things have certainly changed, which isn’t always bad and especially something needed for an annually released game, but gamers are simply tired of the same setting, and when EA switched it up with Battlefield 1’s WW1 setting, people were happy to jump ship.

To top it off, Activision decided to do some questionable things. They ended up splitting the already small PC player base by not letting Steam buyers play with those who purchased from the Windows 10 store. WHAT?! I will say that had sales gone as predicted, it wouldn’t be a huge issue, but come on. I’ll at least give Microsoft credit for issuing refunds to Windows 10 buyers since, oh, I don’t know… No one is playing!

So What Now?

Is Call of Duty doomed to fade out of existence? Simply put, no. The numbers are still quite impressive for nearly any other AAA title. The issue is that this is Call of Duty we’re talking about. One of the best selling game franchises of all time. So what can they do then? Well, for one, they can listen to their player base, or should I say Battlefield’s player base now? In all seriousness, it’s time for Activision to step back and talk with fans. If they don’t, I have no doubt they’ll still sell fine, but they certainly won’t ever be what they used to.

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