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Nintendo Switch Should Replace the 3DS

by Tripp | Uncategorized | 0 Comments | 18 Jan 2017

Okay, so the Nintendo Switch announcement is over, and we’re finally able to stop and really wrap our head around what we have in front of us. The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s newest console offering set to release in March….

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Why a Modular Phone Isn’t Great – Project Ara

by Tripp | Reviews Tech Uncategorized | 0 Comments | 23 Nov 2016

So we know that Google has essentially axed their long awaited project Ara a couple months ago. I know many are disappointed in it’s downfall, but I wanted to share a little of why I personally don’t think it would…

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Gear VR (Consumer) Review

by Tripp | Reviews Uncategorized Video Game | 0 Comments | 11 Feb 2016

The first consumer virtual reality headset is finally here. While the Gear VR may not be the Oculus Rift everyone’s really excited for, yet super pissed off about the pricing of, it is something to take notice. Both Samsung and…

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