App Tiles Gone From Windows 10 Start Menu? – Fix

Live Tiles Disappeared!

If you’re like many after the recent Windows 10 update, you may have noticed that your metro app tiles have disappeared from the Windows 10 Start Menu. I was one of these unfortunate souls. For those who aren’t sure, the below image is what I mean.

start menu issue

After trying a ton of suggestions from Microsoft, including reinstalling Windows 10, NOTHING WORKED! I’m talking I even reinstalled Windows!

It wasn’t until I looked on the last page of the most popular forum thread dealing with this that I found the answer (thank you sharptooth)! Well, sort of.

It isn’t really a restore is the issue, and the answer is nearly so simple it’s sad I didn’t even try it. All you really need to do is essentially search for each app you want to add, right click and click “pin to start.” As I said, not the most elegant of solutions, but it does work. And until Microsoft officially fixes this by restoring all your old ones, you can have it done yourself.

See what happens when I add the store?

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