Amazon Echo Dot 2 is Brilliant

Amazon Echo Dot 2

I know a lot of people are really hyped over the new Google Home, but I’m just over here applauding Amazon for such a brilliant move with their Echo Dot 2. Here’s why:

Smart homes are all the rage, but there’s a major hindrance that most consumers have: it’s expensive… like really damn expensive. And something many consumers don’t know or think about when it comes to the emerging voice controlled smart home is the need for multiple units in each room of your house. Sure, the far reaching microphone tech is nice, but unless you have a studio apartment or like yelling a lot, you need more than one device.

This is where the brilliance of the hockey puck sized Echo Dot comes in. The second generation has two incredible things going for it: size and price.


It’s small. Though the Google Home is significantly shorter than the full-sized Amazon Echo, it’s still quite a bit on the big size to fit in every room of the house. Well, it might fit, but it won’t be all that inconspicuous. It’s been called the “fight for your living room” for years. Now tech companies want a fight for every room in the house.

Of course, I understand what you’re thinking: “But the speaker!” Yes, the speaker is exactly why Google Home is the size it is, but if you already have a superior speaker in the room or won’t be listening to much music in every space of your house, the Echo Dot 2 is an extremely easy way of minimizing clutter and keeping things simple.


Amazon destroys it in this area! Fifty dollars is all it takes to get the power and ingenuity in your home. Nope, this isn’t an add on to the original Echo. It’s a standalone device for… wait for it… fifty… dollars. That alone allows it to be much more accessible to consumers, as well as easier to buy multiple ones around your house. They’re even doing a current promotion where you can get three for $129.99. That’s the same price for a single Google Home. See the difference here? Sure, Google and the Echo may have a better speaker, but if you don’t need it and could use a more minimalistic look, why pay more?

Don’t get me wrong everyone. This is far from over. Google is clearly serious about this, as it’s first contender is a voice to be reckoned with, but as it see it now, Amazon is making great moves in this market, and their fight to the top will be nothing but a win win for consumers.

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