7 Free Ubisoft Games! – PC Only

by Tripp | Gaming PC Truly Free Games | 0 Comments | 17 Dec 2016

Ubisoft is offering 7 FREE games for PC only. All you have to do is register for free below:

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Is Call of Duty Doomed?

by Tripp | Gaming Opinion PC PS4 Xbox One | 0 Comments | 14 Dec 2016

Call of Duty In Trouble? What is up my fellow geeks and welcome to another Geek Tripp. Today, it seems the fabled Call of Duty franchise is reaching a boiling point. Maybe annual releases weren’t the best idea for a…

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Where is the Star Wars The Old Republic Movie?

by Tripp | Opinion | 0 Comments | 13 Dec 2016

Disney Disney Disney Okay, I’ve got to discuss this. It’s been on my mind for years now, and the more I hear about the upcoming Star Wars films, the more disheartened I become. Every soon-to-be film is nothing but a…

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Resident Evil 7 Demo – Rip-off?

by Tripp | Gaming PC PS4 Xbox One | 0 Comments | 12 Dec 2016

So I recently finished playing the new Resident Evil 7 demo, and all I can say is: Silent Hill?? Because holy shit does Resident Evil 7’s demo remind me, and I’m sure many of you, of the Silent Hill P.T….

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VR already crashing??

by Tripp | Gaming PS4 | 0 Comments | 06 Dec 2016

Well, I somewhat discussed my predictions for VR in a recent post, but it looks like things are happening faster than I thought. The Playstation VR, VRs one hope for redemption, is already having trouble. Analyst SuperData predicted Sony would…

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"New post on my blog: 7 Free Ubisoft Games! – PC Only"